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All sales are final.There are absolutely no refunds or exchanges. All bows purchased are final sales and are non-refundable. If you received a bow that you did not order or we made it incorrectly, we will send you out the correct bow once we receive the first bow we sent to you. In that case, we will refund you for shipping the bow back to us. However, we may consider an exchange,if the bow was delivered damaged by our company during production or it is missing a hair tie ETC. It is considered on a individual bases. The exchange would only be considered if reported within 24 hours after post office delivered it. We are not responsible for damages due to your package sitting on your front porch for in bad weather conditions or caused by the Post Office. Make sure to have your bow sent to a place where it will be safe and not left out. If we do approve for a bow exchange, it will be for the same bow you ordered.
If you have ordered a custom bow, that you have designed, and do not like it, you will not be refunded, nor will you be able to exchange it for another bow. It is up to you, to either purchase a sample bow for your approval, or decide by the demo picture sent to you by email. Be aware, that the picture of the bow sent to you for approval may not be exact color depending on the camera that it was taken on. However, it is up to Cheer Bows and Beyond to decide
Be aware that over time, depending on how often the bow is being worn and how tightly the hair tie is pulled to the pony tail, that it can wear down and break. We are not responsible for repairing it. However, if you you would like to send your bow back to us and pay for the shipping cost, we will fix/replace the rubber band on your bow for $2.00.
Please follow the instructions that are given to you. If you do not follow these instructions, you can cause your bow to reshape, fray, or fall apart. Please refrain from tossing your bow in your backpack. Your bow will last forever if you take care of it. If you need repairs, we may consider making them for a small fee depending on what you need.  If you choose to return a bow to us, knowing our no refund policy, we will not be sending your return bow back to you. It most likely be donated or tossed.

Be aware, that if you are viewing pictures on Instagram, that those prices are not updated and the price on the website is the correct price. Because we are not able to change prices on instagram, when prices go up, the prices will not be changed on Instagram. We will not be honoring the lower price that you see on Instagram. The correct bow price will be the price on our website.
If there is a error in pricing either by the website, or by consumer error, Cheer Bows and Beyond has a right to cancel the order. Cheer Bows and beyond has the right to refuse business to anyone. For Custom Bows or ordering bows, please refer to copyright rules before ordering your bow.

All repairs will be made under the discretion of Cheer Bows And Beyond. This also includes all other products made by Cheer Bows And Beyond.
For any further question, please call us at (949) 273-8616.

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